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Some tips to reduce stress

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Stress is a phenomenon more and more present today and in many people. Are you one of them? You don’t have to worry! It just means that you are human. It acts as an alarm system on the body and it simply wants to protect you from danger.

Is there a difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress brings physical discomfort due to something happening in reality while anxiety causes unpleasant physical discomfort due to negative thoughts. Anxiety is often linked to anticipation. The symptoms of stress and anxiety are the same. They can be reflected, among other things, by a headache, migraine, insomnia or by difficulty concentrating. The difference between the two is that the intensity of the symptoms is higher on the side of anxiety than on the side of stress. It doesn’t prevent it from disturbing you in your daily life.

There are a few tips to reduce stress. It’s up to you to try and observe the effects.

– Good time planning is essential to help reduce stress. Using a calendar, you will be able to make sure you don’t run out of time and, above all, that you don’t forget anything. The agenda is effective because it ensures that you can spread out your days in order to observe their progress.

– There are a few ways to be less stressed on a daily basis that you can also try such as meditation, breathing techniques and yoga. Are you not interested? No problem ! Go for physical training and you will see benefits on your body and mind daily.

Do you want to reduce your stress quickly?

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe. You have to find out for yourself that it is the best solution and observe how your system works. Sometimes you have to stop thinking and let things go. Let go and enjoy a Slow Cow! Visit our website for more information and how to get your ‘’Mind Cooler’’!