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Do you know passionflower?

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Flower of Passion, this is the name we give to passionflower. It clearly shows why the soothing Slow Cow drink tastes so good! The Passion flower comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of America. Cultivated in Europe, North America and Asia, it is the above-ground parts of the passionflower that are harvested for ingestion. From the Passifloraceae family, this climbing plant has more than one benefit to offer your body and your mind!


Several indications are favorable to the consumption of passionflower. Most of the time infused, passionflower can also be consumed in capsules or tablets. As the focal point in studies to reduce stress and anxiety, this edible herb can help ease nervousness and nerve pains. In addition to helping relieve digestive disorders, this product is perfect for our drink since it improves quality of sleep disturbed by stress, anxiety and nervousness.


Indeed, some research has identified the calming effects of passionflower. Although its relaxing effects are present, these should not be confused with drowsiness effects. We often associate this plant with valerian and hops which also have relaxing effects. Stress and tension reduction, as well as nervousness, calming and relief are all positive consequences of consuming passion flower. This ingredient is on the list of ingredients that naturally make up the Slow Cow Mind Cooler. Consume when you feel the need, morning, noon or night.

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